Empireland: How Imperialism has Shaped Modern Britain

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The British Empire ran for centuries and is fundamental to understanding not only modern Britain, but areas of the world that it once encompassed. HKILF presents two writers whose work across multiple genres probes the discourse about colonialism and race and the interconnections of past and present. In his new book Empireland, journalist Sathnam Sanghera examines how much of modern Britain is rooted in its imperial past, in spite of a tendency to avoid or simplify the subject in public discourse. He is joined in conversation by Caryl Phillips, prolific author, researcher and lecturer on the experience of the African diaspora and the continuing impact of the slave trade, who explores identity, belonging and exclusion in books from essay collection Colour Me English to fiction including A View of the Empire at Sunset. Moderated by Ravi Mattu, Deputy Asia News Editor of the Financial Times.

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