The Shortest History of China with Linda Jaivin

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If you are looking for a new perspective on Chinese history, Linda Jaivin’s readable and engaging new history of China differs from conventional histories in some significant ways. For a start it is only 250 pages long, and compressing China’s vast history into this short space, while a challenge, enables Jaivin to highlight historical patterns and their relevance to contemporary times, while reflecting on historiography itself and how China’s leaders have crafted the narrative to suit the times. While describing major economic, political and cultural events and trends, she foregrounds individual stories, particularly those of women, bringing vividly to life the emotional impact of living through disasters such as war, famine or flood. Hear from the author about the process of researching and crafting this revealing gem of a history, in conversation with Rowena He, Associate Professor of History at CUHK. This event is supported by the Consulate General of Australia in Hong Kong

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