Re-educated: how I changed my job, my home, my husband and my hair

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Meet Lucy Kellaway OBE, former Associate Editor and Work and Career Columnist of the Financial Times, and hear how and why she left a successful career in journalism to train as a secondary school teacher in her late 50s. Re-educated’s tale of one woman’s pursuit of a new life and the joy and pain of starting again offers a different take on festival themes of mental health and wellness, as Lucy celebrates new possibilities and the power of education to transform our lives at any stage. 'There are lots of reasons to read this book, which has the fineness of detail, sharpness of humour and grace of a novel by Penelope Lively. But it's this business of changing one's mind - the thing most of us least like to do - that I admired the most.' (Observer). Tune in to join Lucy in conversation with Charmaine Chan, Editor, Design and Books, at the SCMP.

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