Curious Histories and Current Realities of Sexual Health

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Two of tonight’s speakers use history to shed light on our attitudes and understanding of sexual health and gender roles, while the third employs social media to enlighten her followers about the practical realities of sexual relationships. In her book A Curious History of Sex, and her digital research project, Whores of Yore, historian Kate Lister romps through the history of sexuality, debunking myths and challenging stereotypes with wit and precision. Sarah Chadwick also employs humour and historical research as she hones in on one curiously misunderstood body part in her enlightening and fascinating book, The Sweetness of Venus: A History of the Clitoris. They are joined in conversation by Dr. Tanaya Narendra, also known as dr_cuterus, whose playful, straight-talking social media posts dispel myths and misunderstandings about human sexuality. Tonight’s conversation is moderated by Educator and Intimacy Coach, Valentin Somma (@awakeandsexy)

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